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Why a Real Estate Consultancy?

Did you consider purchasing your dream house in your favorite location in Spain while on vacation but you just did not feel confident enough to go through the process on your own?

Or did you have that crazy idea about buying a plot by the sea and getting to design and build the house you want to use for holidays or retirement? Did you not do this as you thought this was just a crazy idea?

You also may have had unfortunate experiences, struggling to connect with the local language, culture or legislation. Buying a house abroad is not easy and we know it.

But we believe there is a new way to support future owners willing to go for a property acquisition in a structured way and keeping the risks under control.

HomeLab works to provide an end to end service where the clients trust and wellbeing is our main priority.

What are the challenges to purchase a home abroad nowadays and how do we make sure you navigate through this process safely?

- Limited portfolio, depending on local agencies.

We want to make sure there is no limited portfolio for our clients but many different development typologies, designs and price ranges that can help us get exactly what you are looking for and not only what is on the market at that particular moment. Together with you and/or your family we will analyze your preferences and do a thorough search accordingly, taking in consideration location, number of rooms and internal layout together with a price range filter, which will help the search accuracy.

The properties we choose for you will be presented with a deep analysis before we will plan a local visit with you. We do not want to waste your time so we will look only for properties that tick all the boxes. Only then, we will organize a local visit.

- Quality issues: unfair money for value is more common than it should.

Founded by engineers and project managers, HomeLab is focused on purchasing properties free of maintenance issues or mapping out future investments needed to bring the property up to your required standards. We want to avoid unexpected additional investments to bring the property up to date. This means the quality of the construction is well checked and professionally surveyed if necessary, before the agreement is signed.

We also understand the value of your investment for the future, so we will look for the best deal for you with an optimal balance quality/investment. During the visit we will provide final advice on whether the purchase is fair and support you to negotiate the price.

-Legislation, taxes, mortgage, notary... it can be quite overwhelming!

Specially in a local language; therefore we will provide live and written translation to English/Dutch as well as the necessary explanations on the local regulations during the property selection and the local meetings with developers and other parties.

- After purchase challenges: Services, design, decoration or rental to third parties.

The day you sign off your new home is just the start of your project. The house must get all services optimized and all payments covered so you can start using the property. You may also be in need of a hand when it comes to furnish the house or adding an extra room for your guests. If after the purchase you need the space to be renovated or redesigned, we will put together a team of experts that will bring your vision to life. Project Managers, Architects and Contractors will be coordinated by HomeLab to deliver in time, within budget, respecting local law and with the quality expected.

Why HomeLab?

HomeLab was born with a main goal: to be your eyes and your ears wherever you want to have your dreamed home. And to make sure this complex process becomes a joyful experience surrounded by the right people and with the right time to take the right decisions.

- No limited portfolio: We listen to your needs and find the right match for you.

- Construction expertise: With 50 years of experience in the construction market we will make sure your purchase is risk free and the best investment for the future.

- Project coordination: We will make sure you have the right team of experts and that you understand every step of the purchase process.

- 360º Service: With a live English/Dutch translation before and after the purchase we will guide you through the process with the necessary detailed reports. Adding services like design, re-design, renovation or custom decoration to get the property ready for you. No more unexpected overbudget, no more unexpected delays or construction snags. No more struggling with the legislation, the language or the market...visit and experience a customized service to bring your dreams to life.

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