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Time for refurbishment / Time for a new Home

Either you need to make changes to your current property or you want to build a bespoke home for you and your family; the best way to control time, budget and quality is to hire a Project Manager (PM).

And this makes even more sense when we talk about doing any of the above remotely in your property abroad.

Language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, unnecessary delays and costs can be avoided when you work with a PM in your second home region.

What can a PM do for you and/or on your behalf:

- Hire the most suitable architect firm for the home style you need and make sure the architect complies with timelines for both project design and permit submission.

- Hire the most suitable contractor to carry out the full scope of works you need with the best quality/price rates, so you do not have to worry about dealing with different companies.

- Select a financial advisor and deal with him/her to manage the cash flow so you do not have to worry about keeping your investment under control.

- Keep you informed at any time on the status of the works. It can be weekly or monthly and the PM will make sure you are the decisionmaker for materials, finishes and prices at every moment in time.

Why HomeLab?

HomeLab is a company founded by 3 International Project Managers (Dutch & Spanish) with Architectural and Engineering background and more than 20 years’ experience in the field.

HomeLab covers all the topics listed above and will assign a Project Manager for you who will follow up on the project end to end. This is a 100% personalized service.

Our PMs can communicate with you in English, Dutch and Spanish. If needed, our PMs will connect between them to make sure communication is done to the local architect and/or contractor in Spanish so nothing of your wishes and requirements is lost in translation.

To start with our Real Estate Services we will make sure you get the right plot or property in Spain, whenever you need one. Moving into our Design & Construction department, we work on the possible improvements to be done to your house or designing your dream house from square 1.

Among the best architects and contractors known in Spain, different options will be presented to you and you will always have the final word. A team of designer, contractor, project manager and the financial advisor will be coordinated by HomeLab for you.

What now?

When you hire HomeLab to manage your project, here are the next steps:

- We do a virtual walk through your ideas and wishes; we listen and take notes.

- Once we agree on the initial choices, we send our services quotation so you know what you will pay and when. We will then work hard to get your home ready for you.

- We will explore plots, properties and contractors to propose an action plan with different options that will be presented to you.

- Financial support can be coordinated from day one as well as a mortgage advice.

- Any changes during the project will be discussed and agreed between the parties.

- You will receive calls and photo reports. Every time there is an important decision to take you will be given advice, so we are on the same page.

- The quality of the works will be checked during and after the execution.

- After the construction is finished a snagging list will be issued with agreed dates between the contractor and us. Then all will be 100% finished and you can enjoy your new Home.

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